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Dyson farming annex site

May 3rd 2024

Case Studies

Making Rural Holiday Homes Fit for The Future

One extensive farming estate in the rolling countryside of Lincolnshire turned to Navien UK as part of their goal to

Apr 4th 2024


How long does a boiler last?

Whether you have recently bought a new boiler or are considering replacing your existing boiler, you are likely wondering how

How Often Should Your Boiler Be Serviced

Mar 14th 2024


How Often Should Your Boiler Be Serviced?

As a homeowner, keeping on top of the health of your boiler is very important. However, you may not know

Boiler Upgrade Scheme Explained banner


Boiler Upgrade Scheme Explained

In 2022, the UK Government increased their efforts to decarbonise England and Wales with the introduction of the Boiler Upgrade

most efficient Navien boilers banner

Jan 29th 2024


Most Energy Efficient Boilers from Navien UK 2024

With energy bills rising and a greater focus on cost and energy efficiency, we’re highlighting the most efficient models in

Why Navien smart boiler controls banner

Jan 18th 2024


Why Navien Smart Boiler Controls

In an era of rapid advancements in smart technology, the home heating industry is no outlier. The rise of smart

How to bleed a radiator banner

Dec 21st 2023


How to Bleed a Radiator

Has your radiator been making strange sounds recently, especially during the heating-up stage? Have you noticed that the radiator is

Smart Heating Guide banner

Dec 14th 2023


Smart Heating Guide

The cost savings and improved boiler performance offered by smart heating systems has seen them rise in popularity in recent

How to choose the right boiler blog banner

Nov 17th 2023


How to choose the right boiler

Choosing the right boiler is an important decision, but with all the options available, do you know which boiler is

Oct 25th 2023

Case Studies

A successful NCB700 ON installation in East Sussex

A customer of ours in East Sussex needed a boiler that was powerful enough to keep up with the day-to-day

Navien boiler in a kitchen cupboard

Case Studies

Heating ON three floors

When a customer of ours found that a competing boiler was not up to the task of heating their large

Hexham holiday park

Case Studies

An energy efficient ‘crossover’ combi installation

When an award-winning UK holiday park built a luxury leisure facility, they needed to think about reliable and efficient heating

MPH Installer

Case Studies

The First NCB700 ON Installation in Scotland by MPH

When one of our customers who lives in an 1850s-built home decided it was time for a renovation, they were

what is a combi boiler banner image

Oct 16th 2023


What is a Combi Boiler?

A combi boiler, or combination boiler, combines a water heater with a central heating system in one single appliance. Our

Navien Winter Heating Tips blog banner

Oct 5th 2023


Winter Heating Tips

In the UK, central heating is used almost daily from October to March. It is during this period when the

Clwyd Special Riding Centre

Aug 15th 2023

Case Studies

Supplying Navien Boilers to Clwyd Special Riding Centre

When Clwyd Special Riding Centre’s holiday accommodation was hit by flooding in December 2022, they were faced with the daunting

InstallerSHOW Navien branding

Jul 28th 2023


Navien UK at InstallerSHOW 2023

In June, we gave InstallerSHOW 2023 visitors the chance to Crossover to the Future with us and discover our brand-new

Navien News Roundup Banner Image

May 5th 2023


Navien’s News Roundup

Welcome to the latest Navien’s News Roundup, where we’re highlighting all our latest and upcoming developments and updates from across

combi crossover boiler

May 2nd 2023


Crossover to the future

Over the past 40 years, we’ve been dedicated to heating homes with energy-efficient and sustainable products. This year, we’re building

Heat 2 Eat, supporting Fife

Mar 27th 2023


Heat 2 Eat: Supporting Fife

[Updated: Tuesday 5th September 2023] As part of our commitment to supporting the communities in which we work, we are

Hot topics 8 mockup

Dec 22nd 2022


Navien Hot Topics issue 8

Read all about it: The latest issue of Navien Hot Topics is out now! Find out about our big win

Navien hot topics issue 7

Nov 16th 2022


Navien Hot Topics issue 7

Read all about it: The latest issue of Navien Hot Topics is out now! Find out how we got on

NCB700 boiler in a kitchen

Oct 18th 2022

Blog posts

Blog: Rewriting the combi boiler rulebook

We have confounded the combi boiler critics and naysayers and created the ground-breaking NCB700 ON.

Gas Safety Week icon

Sep 6th 2022


Blog: On the safe side

The importance of Gas Safety Week (12th to 18th September 2022) can’t really be underestimated.
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