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Limitation of Liability

KD Navien thanks our customers for visiting our website.

It is our pleasure to provide a variety of information to our customers through this website. Further, this website gives you some regulations and prohibitions.

1. Restrictions

The ownership of intellectual property right related to this website, which has been built upon the knowhow and accumulated technology information of KD Navien, shall belong to KD Navien. The ownership of intellectual property right is not only applied to copyright but also trademark rights, technology data, letter, picture, voice, video, downloads, links and source codes.

In addition, the service and data in this website are provided only for convenience of the user that can be linked on private homepage but the intellectual property right shall not belong to the user.

Accordingly, illegal copy and distribution of service and date of this website is prohibited and therefore the user shall take responsibility for damage caused by breach of these matters.

2. Limitation of Liability

The service and data by which KD Navien provides on its website are for the convenience of user. However, the company shall not assure accuracy, completeness, reliability, compliance with copy right and legality of the service, data on website, other information and all derivative information. Accordingly, KD Navien shall not take responsibility for damage on the user caused directly, indirectly, accidentally or disciplinarily.

Usage of service and data of this website and relevant sites shall be dependent upon own decision of the user. Further, the user shall take responsibility for damage caused by service, data and other information of this website and its relevant websites.

3. Privacy Policy

KD Navien has a special privacy policy for protection of personal information of the user. Therefore, refer to this for information on protection of personal information. KD Navien shall not guarantee or take responsibility for secret maintenance issue caused by providing the users’ information to the 3rd party.

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