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The First NCB700 ON Installation in Scotland by MPH

October 25th 2023

Case Studies

When one of our customers who lives in an 1850s-built home decided it was time for a renovation, they were faced with the challenge of finding a boiler that would fit their requirements. They needed a boiler that is compact enough to fit in their pantry space, but powerful enough to heat 25 cast iron radiators and two bathrooms – enter, the Navien Combi Crossover NCB700 ON with its NaviCircTM recirculation technology.

As a Georgian home with so many radiators, there was little room for error when selecting a combi boiler, particularly as – due to its age – the property wasn’t 100% isolated. Nonetheless, the NCB700 ON Combi Crossover quickly proved itself as the right choice, with NaviCircTM recirculation technology a key benefit for such a historic home. The customer noted the ingenuity of NaviCircTM, minimising both water and energy wastage while maximising hot water supply throughout the property.

Navien has been designing and manufacturing reliable and easy to install central heating and hot water products for over 45 years, making Navien the fourth largest global boiler manufacturer. Since entering the UK market in 2014, Navien have become an established manufacturer that UK installers and homeowners know and trust. From launching Asia’s first condensing gas boiler back in 1982, the company has gone on to introduce many ground-breaking heating products including the class leading NCB700 ON Combi Crossover, the LCB700 Blue Flame Oil Boiler with an A+ energy efficiency rating and our revolutionary ON AI technology.

Find out more in our case study below.

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