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With controls now an integral part of any modern heating system, Navien’s state-of-the-art Smart Plus wireless room thermostat offers end users a wealth of advanced features. When fitted alongside Navien’s Blue Flame oil and NCB gas boilers, the advanced control further improves energy efficiencies – increasing the overall ErP rating to ‘A+’*. In addition, Smart Plus devices are also compatible with the latest smartphone technology.

  • Easy installation
  • Control the boiler from mobile phone
  • Save boiler running costs
  • Monitor fuel consumption
  • Location function adjusts heating system based on your location
  • Smart Forecast check maintains comfort levels
  • 3-zone ready with Smart Plus control pack

* An A+ energy rating is achieved when installed with 3 Smart Plus room thermostats.

Smart Forecast

Come rain or shine, our boilers will respond intuitively to the current weather conditions with Smart Plus.** When connected to WiFi, our boilers check the forecast on OpenWeatherMap, ensuring a property maintains a comfortable temperature, and the boiler only uses energy when needed.

**Requires Navien Smart Plus and a WiFi connection.

Geofencing Capabilities

Let location take care of the heating system, with Smart Plus.**

By connecting our boilers to a smartphone, the heating system will turn on and off based on an occupant’s proximity to home. It can also be set up with multiple users so everyone in the household benefits from maximum comfort.

3 Zone Ready

For unrivalled energy efficiency and running costs, Navien boilers can be connected to our Smart Plus Control Pack to deliver an A+ energy rating. With simple control of up to 3 zones, it delivers the very latest in home comfort.

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