LCB700 Blue Flame Regular Boiler – Internal Model

Our new LCB700 Blue Flame range of oil boilers is the first in the UK market to offer an A+ energy rating, thanks to an exceptional design and the latest smart control systems.*

Combined with easy to install features, such as a combined PRV/condensate drain and flexible pipework arrangements, the LCB700 Blue Flame is a boiler like no other.

  • HVO compatible
  • 10-year parts and labour warranty as standard
  • Future proof Blue Flame technology delivers superior efficiency and ultra-low NOx emissions
  • Lightweight design for easy installation
  • Clean and modern design
  • Stainless steel heat exchangers for optimum durability and long term efficiencies
  • Flue venting up to 21m in horizontal and vertical arrangements
  • Flexible installation options thanks to compact design and flueing
  • Achieves highest 3-star mark in DHW performance (in accordance with EN Regulations)
  • 3-zone ready with Smart Plus control pack
  • Text driven integral display for intuitive control and fuel consumption figures
  • Class leading energy efficiency for reduced running costs

* An A+ energy rating is achieved when installed with 3 Smart Plus room thermostats.

Technical Data

21 - RS / LS / LC 28 - RS / LS / LC 36 - RS / LS / LC 21 - RSX / LSX / LCX 28 - RSX / LSX / LCX 36 - RSX / LSX / LCX
Heat Output 80/60°C 16/21kW 21/28kW 29/36kW 16/21kW 21/28kW 29/36kW
50/30°C 23.0kW 30.3kW 39.0kW 23.0kW 30.3kW 39.0kW
Flue Flue Size Coaxial Plastic Ø 60/100
Max Horizontal Length 20m
Max Vertical Length 21m
Dimensions Regular/System Model 470 x 600 x 860mm
Weight Regular 58kg 59kg 62kg 64kg 65kg 68kg
System 66kg 67kg 70kg 72kg 73kg 76kg
ErP Efficiency ErP A (93%)
ErP Efficiency with Smart Plus (x3) ErP A+ (98%)
EN Regulation (EN13203-1)
NOx Emission Rate 57.2mg/kWh 57.2mg/kWh 63.2mg/kWh 57.2mg/kWh 62.5mg/kWh 63.2mg/kWh

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